Wednesday, 28 May 2014

On eBay

Someone sold nice looking Eb and D piccolos. They were self made. I never got the name of the maker.
The d went for around 50 pound.

Beautiful silver and cocus piccolo flageolet combo marked Parker sold for 195.

Eb or F Hawkes piccolo (hard to tell from photos but looks smaller) sold for around 45 pound.

Pic marked C Schoter and son Birmingham. Sold for 101 

Beautiful boxwood and ivory Italian (ottavino) piccolo on eBay Italy sold for 121 euros.

Another Italian piccolo stamped Rampone from eBay US, sold for 62 dollars.


Nice looking Metzler and Co. in a nice case, 100 pounds.


Eb Hawkes failed to attract opening bid of 99 pounds.

Nice looking boxwood and ivory piccolo sold with an F flute. Pic was marked Harris , sold for 216 pounds.

Hawkes and Son D restored piccolo went for 86 pounds.


An Antique Piccolo by G Fitzgerald Woolwich c1860/80, boxwood and ivory.

Sold for 42 pound 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

French Flute and Pic

Came across this lovely pair of French flutes while looking for info on a Le Comnte flute I'm working on. Love the tiny separate feet French piccolos often have.

Piccolo plate

I grabbed this image of a plate from a woodwind book off of eBay.  I think it shows German and English style piccolos. Not sure of the text it came from.

Interesting Thread

Just a quick link to a thread with info on piccolos used in the band scene.
Chiff piccolo thread

Also of interest is a link from Jem to Henry Potters fingering chart for five key band flutes,