Wednesday, 18 December 2013

John McGuire (Sean's father)

Looking for something else I came across this little bit about John McGuire father of the famous fiddle player:

"Born Sean Stephen Maguire on 26 December 1927, he later changed his name to McGuire. His father, John, from Co. Cavan, who had come to Belfast to work in 1918, was an accomplished musician with his own ceilidh band. John played piccolo, concert flute, whistle and fiddle. It was a musical family; Sean’s brother Jim was a fiddle player and they recorded an album together in 1982"

The full article is an interesting read  about Sean and can be found Here

Jem Hammond Cylindrical Piccolos

The absolute best deal in piccolos are Jem Hammond's plastic PVC piccolos. They are cylindrical with a wedge in the head joint. They sell for under 20 pounds. They are in tune and play excellently. Mine was so good I carried it everywhere with me and eventually lost it.

Jem is based in Wales and also restores and sells wooden flutes. He is a regular contributed to Chiff and Fipple.

  Here is Jems latest commercial post

And Here is Jems older commercial post.

Monday, 16 December 2013

On eBay

There have been quite a few non anonymous piccolos on eBay on the last while.
I have kept track of them but haven't really had time to post them all.
Here are a few that stood out.

This first one was originally described as anonymous. I was puzzled when it sky rocketed to over 400 pounds. It turns out the seller had found the Hawkes and Son Crowne AZ marking. It was made of ebonite I believe. Highest price I've seen.

This next little piccolo / flageolet sold for only 33 pounds. I thought it looked in good shape and with ivory beak.

Here is a French cylindrical piccolo marked Chapelain Ferdinand. Don't know if it sold but it failed to get its buy it now price of 300 pound the first time around.

This Rudall Carte in Eb has been up for sale a couple of times I think. The last time I was watching it did not attract any bids with a starting price of 250 pounds. It is now relisted with a bit it now of 300. I think it is in restored condition. (Not sure of the sellers selling strategy just keeps relisting it higher and higher 475 now.)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Erwin Oesch Piccolo

There have been a good few interesting piccolos on eBay lately and at some point I'll record their passing but first here's one I purchased myself.

It is marked E. Oesch Basel. I paid 45 quid including shipping. I went for it based on the fact. That Peter Worrell is basing his piccolo on a Basel piccolo and I once heard a clip of one with a barrell embouchure. I thought it sounded good.

It's not in my hands yet but even the pads look good based on the photos. According to the description it's a wooden head with a plastic body. It looks brand new.

Looking forward to its arrival. eBay still has it's surprises.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Potted History

Here is a nice little potted history of the piccolo with some nice little facts about composers and such.
And buts about those who made developments in the instruments history.

It come from the website  of Israeli fluter Lior Eitan.

Mary Collins Instrumental Group, unknown piccolo player

Been a while without new stuff but I stumbled across a couple of tracks in the Irish Traditional Music Archive playlists


Tracks 4 and 5 seem to feature piccolo.

I like the arrangement of Drowsy Maggie with things dropping in and out. A bit ahead of the Chieftains I'd say.

I'm sure there's more. in these playlists.

There  has been loads of interesting piccolos on eBay. lately I hope to have time soon to report on some of them.