Thursday, 26 March 2015

Micho Russell: Rarities and Old Favourites

Bill Ochs has released a new CD of Micho. It is a fantastic collection of tunes with a lovely booklet.

Track 1 features Micho playing Boil the Breakfast Early on a piccolo. His style is wonderful employing cuts to make brilliant little warbles. On the flute and one piccolo tracks I hear breath phrasing as well as a short tongued attack to the beginning of some notes.
Highly recommended. The piccolo track is magic. Recorded by Seamus Ennis with his mobile recording unit in acetate in 1949 for a radio broadcast. In the background one hears a baby crying. It sets one up for the atmosphere of the full recording.
It is available on iTunes and from here

Monday, 23 March 2015

Nice site with piccolo cylinder recordings.

Here is a nice site to listen to old cylinder recordings.

There are reels and a set of jigs from Frank Mazziotta and George Swcheinfest as well as other interesting novelty pieces etc.