Thursday, 12 February 2015

More Pipeau

I received some more info from Stephen Chambers who I believe runs McNeils now in Clare.

Here is a photo of his collection of these whistles

He also shared this photo of a "Musical Priest " playing a flageolet topped version.


Ok so going off the topic of piccolos in Irish music again, I recently found a Pipeau for sale in France.
These come up in ebay now and again and are french made conical six holes whistles some with flageolet like beaks, fake side blown fipples, or standard whistle heads. They are made of metal or celluloid.
Here is the one I purchased, it's not here yet:
This one is branded Atlas hopefully a D but the seller never gave me dimensions despite my asking.
More to follow...........

Friday, 6 February 2015

Roy Seaman keyless piccolo

I found this photo of a piccolo made by Roy Seaman on Facebook
Perhaps others know more but I believe Roy was involved in designing some 
Important Fife designs in the U.S.
I believe he makes  still very fine conical Boehm piccolos with sterling key work.