Monday, 16 December 2013

On eBay

There have been quite a few non anonymous piccolos on eBay on the last while.
I have kept track of them but haven't really had time to post them all.
Here are a few that stood out.

This first one was originally described as anonymous. I was puzzled when it sky rocketed to over 400 pounds. It turns out the seller had found the Hawkes and Son Crowne AZ marking. It was made of ebonite I believe. Highest price I've seen.

This next little piccolo / flageolet sold for only 33 pounds. I thought it looked in good shape and with ivory beak.

Here is a French cylindrical piccolo marked Chapelain Ferdinand. Don't know if it sold but it failed to get its buy it now price of 300 pound the first time around.

This Rudall Carte in Eb has been up for sale a couple of times I think. The last time I was watching it did not attract any bids with a starting price of 250 pounds. It is now relisted with a bit it now of 300. I think it is in restored condition. (Not sure of the sellers selling strategy just keeps relisting it higher and higher 475 now.)

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