Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rudall Carte for sale on eBay

Beautiful late reddish cocus Rudall Carte piccolo on eBay.
Rather optimistically priced but really nice shape and presumably  original case.

Description :

Beautifully restored Rudall Carte & Co. Cuban cocuswood piccolo, serial number 8513. Six key. According to Mr. Robert Bigio, it was made in 1932 byBraithwaite. The stamp on the wood says:
Carte & Co. Ltd.
23 Berners Street
  Oxford Street
In like new restored condition. Even the case looks brand new (see pictures). Very little wear and obviously, used very little. A great piece to add to your collection.  Good luck in your bidding!


  1. If you haven't sold the Rudall...I may be interested. Not for collection..but to play (yes, I am one of those odd ducks who plays Irish and Old Time Piccolo)

    1. Hi Anthony,
      I was just reporting on this one. I'm not the seller. Don't know if it ever sold? Send me a message at my email. I may know of another for sale similar. I can also help you locate a good piccolo, cheers.

  2. Hey Pat,
    Didn't I buy a London Improved from you with a crack in tuning slide (which Jon Cornia expertly repaired for me)? I've been going back and forth with seller...I think it is overpriced at $900....what do you have to offer? Anthony

  3. By the way Pat, I don't have your email address...Anthony