Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fluters of Old Erin

Cover for the original cassette.
Not sure who the fluter is?

Fluters of Old Erin was a compilation of recordings from the 78 rpm era of Irish Music. I believe all the piccolo tracks were recorded in the US. The cassette was put together by Harry Bradshaw who was working for the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin.. 
 This excellent compilation really opened my eyes to the different feel of the players of that era, and new (old) ways of phrasing and breathing..

Five of the sixteen tracks feature the piccolo.

8. My Darling Asleep/ Yesterday Morning
Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band, Owen Frain on piccolo.

11. Lord McDonald/Miss McGuinness
Paddy Finlay, on piccolo. Coleman on fiddle.

13. Bradley's Favourite
John Sheridan and his boys (I think Sheridan is the piccolo player)

14. Eileen
Showpiece/Novelty item by Tommy Breen

16. The Black Berry Blossom/ Bonnie Kate
Dan Sullivan's , Owen Frain pic

This excellent recording was posted on Ceol  Alainn a blog featuring unavailable recordings of traditional music.


The recordings have been removed from the blog but are currently hosted here

An amazing resource!

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