Monday, 29 July 2013

Rudall, Rose, and Carte Piccolo

    Here is a piccolo from Rudall, Rose, and Carte  no. 412 ,1852-1878. Rudalls are, in their various guises, one of the most sought after flutes for traditional music. The piccolos do not gather the same type of interest as their larger counterpoints. This is handy enough for those interested.

Here  is the relevant thread on Chiff and Fipple. I believe this was decided to be an Eb and is cocus and silver. There are a few other Rudall piccolos referenced in the thread.

Here is a lovely video from Jem Hammond featuring three Rudall piccolos. Great stuff. All that's missing is three Hohner 4 stop melodeons to be my ideal session.
The players are Jem, Tom Scott, and Terry Clarke-Coyne. The pics are all Rudall Cartes one ebonite, two cocus.

Special thanks to Jem Hammond

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